TickSolution - Solutio Ixodies
TickSolution - Solutio Ixodies


First choice medical device that resolves all the issues surrounding quick, safe tick removal. The product works to immediately incapacitate ticks without causing any other defensive reactions.   

No chance to increase saliva production or loose the contents of their stomachs. Then safely remove the dead, dehydrated tick.

Any size, from any location.



A SAFE WAY AT LAST. Any size, from any location.

Apply a drop

Apply a drop

Let it dry

Let it dry





Before medical device TickSolution was released on the commercial market, its formula was tested by a specialized independent body, the Institute of Parasitology at the Czech Academy of Sciences. In all trials, the product’s ability to incapacitate, immobilize, and kill attached ticks without having their digestive contents discharged and to facilitate their subsequent safe removal was fully confirmed.

Institute of Parasitology at the Czech Academy of Sciences

Tick removal

Finally safe - any size from any location

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  • HOW TickSolution WORKS

    This medical device resolves all the issues around removing ticks quickly and safely. It paralyzes ticks and then kills, dehydrates, and hardens them. Thus making it possible to safely remove the attached tick.

    The formula essentially works to immediately immobilize ticks. All that without causing any other defensive reactions. Ticks do not have time to increase saliva production or regurgitate the contents of their stomachs into the wound. This thus prevents infections from being transmitted during tick removal.

    TickSolution also has the effect of breaking up and softening the so-called cement cone. Cement cone is created around the hypostome (part of the tick’s mouth mechanism) once a tick has already firmly attached itself under the skin.  

    All together the medical device acts in a way that reliably kills ticks and destroys their accompanying anchor mechanism in a way that then makes it possible to remove them easily and safely.

    The product can be applied to ticks of any size and avoids the problem of how to grip them correctly.

  • Easy to use

    Apply a drop of TickSolution on the attached tick so that it covers the tick entirely. After the formula has partially dried (approximately 5 minutes), it is possible to remove the drop together with the dead tick using the included tweezers.

  • How to remove a tick correctly

    The still-current belief that you should cover a tick in oil or grease and twist it is not only incorrect, but also harmful. Ticks embed themselves in the skin with a hypostome, their oral sucking apparatus; this is barb-shaped and has backward-pointing spikes, which makes the idea of twisting it impractical. Also, definitely do not burn the tick. The most appropriate – and currently most recommended – way to remove ticks is by pulling them out. However, even this method does not avoid the risk of deforming or irritating the tick and thus engaging its defensive mechanism, which is primarily a problem for small ticks that have been attached only briefly. When removing ticks incorrectly, there is a risk that the tick could tear or that the contents of the tick’s digestive system could be regurgitated into the mouth apparatus and into the wound in the host’s body. Applying oil to the tick results in it slowly suffocating, whereupon the tick again reacts by discharging the contents of its stomach into the wound.

    With this easy-to-use product, you can overcome the problem of the ticks’ size and the way they use a cement cone to attach themselves under the skin, making safe removal harder.

  • Preventing tick-borne disease

    In addition to secondary illnesses, ticks primarily carry two diseases: Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (an infectious inflammation of the brain). Whereas tick-borne encephalitis can be successfully avoided by preventive vaccination, as yet there is no similar protection for Lyme disease. Prevention consists only of using appropriate clothing and repellents to block ticks from attaching themselves. If one manages to attach itself despite this, what remains is just timely removal and immediate treatment if symptoms have been detected.

    Protect your health, buy TickSolution today.

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